Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Maybe in a dream

a d-collage by sghinopaullimo

Museum Of Childhood, Edinburgh

Described as 'the noisiest museum in the world'.
the Museum of Childhood is a favourite with adults and children alike.
It is a treasure house, crammed full of objects telling of childhood, past and present.

Opening Times:
Open January to December: Monday - Saturday: 10:00-17:00;
July & August: Sunday: 12:00-17:00

Canongate, Royal Mile, Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, EH1 1TG

John Steffler was born on the 13th Nov., 1947 in Toronto and grew up in a rural area near Thornhill, Ontario.
John Steffler currently lives in Corner Brook, Newfoundland, where he teaches in the English Department of
Memorial University's Sir Wilfred Grenfell College.
John Steffler's books of poems include
That Night We Were Ravenous ( McClelland and Stewart 1998), The Wreckage of Play ( McClelland and Stewart, 1988) and The Grey Islands ( McClelland and Stewart, 1985). His novel The Afterlife of George Cartwright was shortlisted for the 1992 Governor General's Award for fiction and won the Smithbooks/Books in Canada First Novel Award and the Thomas Raddall Atlantic Fiction Award.

The Green Insect

The Green Insect
by John Steffler

I had a green insect, a kind that had never before been
seen, descendant of an ancient nation, regal, rigid in ritual.
It would sun itself on my windowsill,
stretching its legs one by one, its hinged joints, its swivel joints,
its claws, unfolding and folding its Swiss army knife implements.
It was ready for a landing on the moon.

Around my page it marched itself like a colour guard.
It halted, and its segments fell into place, jolting all
down the line.
It uncased its wings which glistened the way sometimes very
old things glisten: tortoiseshell fans, black veils,
lantern glass.

It was a plant with a will, an independent plant, an early
invention wiser than what we've arrived at now.
It was a brain coiled in amulets for whom nature is all
People gawked, and a woman pointed a camera, and I
hesitated, but -- I did -- I held the insect up by its
long back legs like a badge, like my accomplishment, and the air flashed, and the insect twisted and fought,
breaking its legs in my fingertips, and hung
lunging, fettered with stems of grass,
and I laid it gently down on a clean page, but it wanted no convalescence,
it ripped up reality, it flung away time and space,
I couldn't believe the strength it had,
it unwound its history, ran out its spring in kicks and
rage, denied itself, denied me and my ownership,
fizzed, shrank, took off in wave after wave of murder,
and left nothing but this page faintly stained with

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Perspectives( while listening to a radio program)

a world of complete light
is a world of darkness
to kill

radio tre : Uomini e profeti. Letture: " Questioni di verità " Con Salvatore Natoli 3ª puntata Di Gabriella Caramore

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A Baudelaire for winter times

"The Cracked Bell"

How bittersweet it is, on winter's night,
To listen, by the sputtering, smoking fire,
As distant memories, through the fog-dimmed light,
Rise, to the muffled chime of churchbell choir.
Lucky the bell—still full and deep of throat,

Clear-voiced despite its years, strong, eloquent—
That rings, with faithful tongue, its pious note
Like an old soldier, wakeful, in his tent!
My soul lies cracked; and when, in its despair,

Pealing, it tries to fill the cold night air
With its lament, it often sounds, instead,
Like some poor wounded wretch—long left for dead

Beneath a pile of corpses, lying massed
By bloody pool—rattling, gasping his last.

Monday, November 21, 2005

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Friday, November 18, 2005


This is the cover of a little book in which there are four postcards by Sghinopaullimo.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

a Maharishi's thought

"La rabbia nasce dalla debolezza o dall'incapacità di realizzare un desiderio. Essa eccita la mente che perde l'equilibrio e il potere di discriminazione."

"Anger rises from weakness or inability to fulfill a desire. It excites the mind, which loses balance and power of discrimination."

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

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Monday, November 14, 2005

Sghinopaullimo as viewed by Ray

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

a sufi thought

Non piangere con le persone afflitte,ma consolale;
altrimenti con le tue lacrime,innaffierai la pianta del dolore.
Maestro Sufi.

Le rocce si apriranno per fare strada all'essere che Ama.
Maestro Sufi.


do not mourn in presence of saddened people but console them
otherwise by your tears you'll water the sorrow plant
by a sufi master

Rocks will open
to clear the way for the being that Loves

by a sufu master

His Mane Men Calendar 2005

Petplan has launched a star-studded calendar with all photographs taken by celebrity photographer Lord Lichfield. Entitled, 'Mane Men' it features images of 12 horse-loving male celebrities, including: Anthony Head and his horse, Otto, with whom he famously starred in Buffy the Vampire Slayer; ex-Spandau Ballet front man, Tony Hadley and TV presenter Ben Fogle who is best known for his appearance on Castaway. All profits from the sales of the calendar will be donated to the Riding for the Disabled Association.
The amazing photographs portray all the celebrities either at home, down on the farm or in the company of their trusty steed, with many of the portraits set against stunning backgrounds. During shooting, Lord Lichfield travelled the length and breadth of the country, ensuring he got the best possible shots every time.

Petplan was founded in 1976 and now insures almost 600,000 cats, dogs and rabbits. In addition, Petplan Equine is one of the largest providers of equine insurance providing cover for over 50,000 horses.

Lord Lichfield

A photographer as a cousin

Lord Lichfield, the fashion and celebrity photographer and cousin of the Queen, died yesterday in an Oxford hospital less than 24 hours after suffering a stroke while staying with friends. He was 66. Buckingham Palace said the Queen had been deeply saddened to hear the news.
Patrick Lichfield, the fifth earl of an aristocratic Midlands family whose forebears included the 18th-century war hero and global circumnavigator Admiral William Anson, came to prominence as one of the most fashionable and well-connected of the 1960s "swinging London" generation. "We did behave quite badly but it was not so much an immoral as an amoral decade," he later recalled. "I drank too much - we all did - smoked the odd joint and saw the world on the arm of a pretty girl at someone else's expense."

His millions of photographs included images of most of the most glamorous actresses and models of the period and, regularly, members of the royal family, including the official pictures of Prince Charles's wedding to Princess Diana in 1981. Among his most recent commissions was a portrait of Margaret Thatcher to commemorate her 80th birthday last month

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The White Stripes live

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Auguries of Innocence, by Patti Smith

Auguries of Innocence is the first book of poetry from Patti Smith in more than a decade. It marks a major accomplishment from a poet and performer who has inscribed her vision of our world in powerful anthems, ballads, and lyrics. In this intimate and searing collection of poems, Smith joins in that great tradition of troubadours, journeymen, wordsmiths, and artists who respond to the world around them in fresh and original language. Her influences are eclectic and striking: Blake, Rimbaud, Picasso, Arbus, and Johnny Appleseed. Smith is an American original; her poems are oracles for our times.
This new collection of verse from one of "rock's original poets" (New York Times) effectively transmits the effect and aura, as well as the innocence, that make Smith a rock star.

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Tower of Light, by Pablo Neruda

O tower of light, sad beauty
that magnified necklaces and statues in the sea,
calcareous eye, insignia of the vast waters, cry
of the mourning petrel, tooth of the sea, wife
of the Oceanian wind, O separate rose
from the long stem of the trampled bush
that the depths, converted into archipelago,
O natural star, green diadem,
alone in your lonesome dynasty,
still unattainable, elusive, desolate
like one drop, like one grape, like the sea.

Monday, November 07, 2005

countryside in south-east Apulia

Alberobello seen through PL's camera

John Fowles

John Fowles, the world-renowned author of The Magus and The French Lieutenant's Woman, has died aged 79, it was announced by his publisher today. Fowles died on Saturday at his home in Lyme Regis, Dorset, after a long illness.
Although Fowles's most famous work remains The French Lieutenant's Woman - made into the Oscar-nominated film starring Meryl Streep and Jeremy Irons in 1981 - his writing career spanned more than 40 years, his unashamedly literary style proving influential for much younger writers.

Born in Essex in 1926, Fowles studied at Oxford before leaving Britain to teach in France and Greece. He shot to fame in 1963 with The Collector, a macabre tale of a butterfly enthusiast who kidnaps the woman he loves. Following the novel's success Fowles promptly resigned his low-paid teaching job and set up as a full-time novelist. Many of his subsequent books were bestsellers, none more so than 1969's The French Lieutenant's Woman.
Other successful novels followed - among them Daniel Martin (1977), Mantissa (1982) and A Maggot (1985) - but, following the death of his wife Elizabeth in 1990, Fowles published little more than a collection of his diaries.
He suffered a stroke in 1988, and remained fiercely private to the last, living in virtual seclusion in the seaside house that had been his home for four decades.
"I don't spend much time in self-loathing or self-admiration. I have a great deal of contempt for writers who are vain, who want fame," he told the Observer in 2003.
"You do have to have a certain amount of vanity to be successful, to sell books. But you have to keep it under control, you can't take yourself too seriously or you become what you pretend to despise."
Fowles is survived by his second wife, Sarah.

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Author John Fowles dies aged 79

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Saturday, November 05, 2005

like a movie you came into my life....

Les policiers protègent les pompiers alors que ceux ci tentent d'éteindre des feux de voiture à Blanc-Mesnil (AP)

Violences urbaines en France

Les événements
depuis le 27 octobre

NOUVELOBS.COM 04.11.05 14:43

La mort de deux mineurs électrocutés après avoir pénétré dans un transformateur électrique à Clichy-sous-Bois, alors qu'ils se croyaient poursuivis par la police, a déclenché de violents affrontements en Seine-Saint-Denis, puis dans d'autres départements de la banlieue parisienne.

Friday, November 04, 2005

William Wordworth 1770–1850, English Romantic poet,


CALM is all nature as a resting wheel.
The kine are couched upon the dewy grass;
The horse alone, seen dimly as I pass,
Is cropping audibly his later meal:
Dark is the ground; a slumber seems to steal
O'er vale, and mountain, and the starless sky.
Now, in this blank of things, a harmony,
Home-felt, and home-created, comes to heal
That grief for which the senses still supply
Fresh food; for only then, when memory
Is hushed, am I at rest. My Friends! restrain
Those busy cares that would allay my pain;
Oh! leave me to myself, nor let me feel
The officious touch that makes me droop again.